Rabu, 2 Julai 2014

The world is flat

Title : The World is Flat: Further Updated and Expanded (Release 3.0)
Author: Thomas L. Friedman
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
 It was during my research methodology class I was introduced with Friedman's thesis on how this past century have been developing. My professor keep mentioning on how fascinating things have change and it made me wonder. The world still spinning, the only thing is, it spin with a much more sophisticated and complicated innovation happening inside it.

I admire how Friedman presented his argument in a very logical and understandable way, the flattening of the world as put by Friedman bring the opportunity to everyone, everyone with the ability and knowledge on how to thrive using the newly available platform, the time when distance is no longer a problem and communication become cheaper if not free. The notion of advocating free trade and open market also one of my favorite part in the book. Indeed open economy bring us much more closer, it promotes collaboration between parties from different part of the world, we understand each other better when we work together, it creates mutual trust that eventually give birth to partnership and greater works for common good.

Yes, we must teach future generation for that they will live in different environment and face different challenges, the challenges that not yet happen in our times. We must provoke imagination and innovation, facilitate research and science and at the same time support the growing and evolving art.

But the development and improvement that are happening right now does not include all part of the world community, there are peoples that are not yet equip with  the knowledge and ability to contest in the flat playground. For this, it is our duty to look back and spread our hand helping these peoples, for we not know where the next Einstein will come from. The talent maybe somewhere in the poorest part of Asia or Africa, and if we're unable to tap them, we might just miss the next great breakthrough.

I must admit, the book is very informative yet enjoyable to read.

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